Full Mouth Reconstruction Can Restore Total Dental Health and Function

Patients with more than one oral health problem may benefit from full mouth reconstruction, which incorporates more than two procedures to restore oral health and comfortable function. Patrick F. McEvoy, DDS offers a comprehensive analysis, with x-ray scanners and sophisticated equipment, to determine the right selection of procedures for patients who have experienced trauma or are otherwise in need of a full mouth reconstruction at our office in Mountain View, CA.

Dentist using imaging equipment to view patient's mouth

Advanced imaging technology can aid the diagnosis of multiple dental issues.


The process of full mouth reconstruction begins with an initial consultation with Dr. McEvoy in our office. During this consultation, Dr. McEvoy will examine the inside and outside of your mouth, face, jaw joints, head, and neck to determine any signs of cavities, gum disease, TMJ disorder, and other dental problems. He will use x-rays and may use a 3-D scanner to obtain a complete view of the underlying structures of your mouth, including your teeth roots and jawbone. During this initial consultation, Dr. McEvoy may diagnose any previously undisclosed issues, based on his findings. Once the exam is complete, he will discuss your needs, goals, his reconstruction recommendations, and a tentative time frame for your treatment.

Full mouth reconstruction can reduce or eliminate pain while also improving the patient’s quality of life, comfortable oral function, and appearance.

Treatment Plan

Dr. McEvoy will create a comprehensive treatment plan for you that may include any combination of the following treatments:

Some of these procedures require multiple appointments and may include the expertise of a dental specialist. Dr. McEvoy oversees all aspects of full mouth restoration cases for our patients.


Many full mouth reconstructions are completed in phases to allow time for the patient’s mouth to heal between appointments. If you have any time constraints, be sure to discuss them with Dr. McEvoy during your initial consultation. Dental implants can take three to six months or longer for the complete procedure, and orthodontic therapy can last six to twenty-four months. Your treatment plan timeline may be affected by how quickly you recover between phases.

Risks and Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Risks vary, depending on which procedures you need. Older patients tend to present a higher risk, which may result in Dr. McEvoy choosing less invasive procedures. Patients with heart problems or an autoimmune disease may require special considerations before undergoing treatment. Patients who do not maintain good oral health after full mouth reconstruction may not see lasting results. Discuss your full medical history and list of current medications with Dr. McEvoy prior to beginning your treatment plan. He can address any questions or concerns you may have.

Full mouth reconstruction offers many benefits. Not only does it address oral health problems such as gum disease and decay, but it can correct missing, misshapen, or misaligned teeth, and repair broken, chipped, cracked, worn, or decayed teeth. It can also address staining or discoloration and include replacing old or failing restorations or prosthetics. The combined procedures can also provide relief from chronic pain related to TMJ disorder, such as headaches and migraines; jaw, neck, mouth, shoulder, and back pain; bruxism; and impaired jaw movement. 

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Full mouth reconstruction can reduce or eliminate pain while also improving the patient’s quality of life, comfortable oral function, and appearance. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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