Pediatric Dentistry: The Foundation for Lifelong Oral Health

A father and his little girl both smilingHelping children feel comfortable during visits to the dentist's office can set the foundation for lifelong oral health. Dr. Patrick McEvoy offers a range of pediatric dentistry services at our Mountain View, CA, practice, and teaches children proper oral hygiene habits. When he does spot a concern, he can often provide effective treatment with laser technology to minimize discomfort. To learn more about how we can help protect your child’s long-term oral health, contact us today to set up an appointment.

How We Strengthen Young Smiles

While dental health is dynamic throughout our lifetimes, teeth undergo especially important changes during childhood and adolescence. Baby teeth begin to erupt when a child is roughly six months of age, and permanent teeth begin to replace these by age six or seven. During this vital period, children are particularly vulnerable to developing oral diseases and other issues. By starting dental care early, parents can help ensure that oral conditions are identified as soon as possible. 


Even the most attentive child – or parent – may not notice the early signs of potential oral health concerns. Routine cleanings and examinations are especially important at a young age because they allow our team to identify issues before they can develop into more serious problems. To help strengthen young teeth, Dr. McEvoy may recommend fluoride treatments or sealants. Dental sealants can provide an extra layer of protection, and fluoride treatments can make enamel more resistant to demineralization.


Thoroughly educating both parents and children on the importance of proper dental care is integral to maintaining optimal oral health. Modeling good habits early can help children develop and maintain strong, healthy teeth for the rest of their lives. In addition to demonstrating the basics of brushing and flossing, Dr. McEvoy can also provide habit counseling for patients with unhealthy oral behaviors, including extensive use of a pacifier or thumb sucking. Because nutrition has an enormous effect on oral health, he can also recommend beneficial foods, such as yogurt, fruits, uncooked vegetables, and cheese. Additionally, regular visits to our office can help establish a comfortable rapport between your child and our staff.

Ensuring Your Child's Comfort 

It is not uncommon for patients of all ages to experience anxious thoughts when visiting the dentist. To prevent children from developing dental phobia, it is important to help them feel at ease in the office as early as possible. By showing children what they can expect from their visits, they can grow more comfortable with the procedures and the habit of visiting the dentist.

Dr. McEvoy understands that treating children is quite different than treating adults. Children are not always patient, comfortable, or cooperative, especially if they are nervous about the appointment. Dr. McEvoy is happy to take breaks whenever necessary, or to stop a procedure if a child becomes too uncomfortable to continue. He can also use laser technology for certain treatments to minimize any discomfort.

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We are dedicated to providing you and your family with quality, compassionate dental care. For more information on pediatric dentistry — or to set up an appointment for your child — please contact us today.

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