A.S. – Cupertino

My family and I have been patients for years and really like this office. The office staff are friendly and helpful, the hygienists are efficient, friendly and professional, and the equipment is state of the art.  The new laser is fantastic: the procedure was fast and painless. Dr. McEvoy is professional, friendly, and cheerful and gets my thumbs up!

Lizzy M. –  Mountain View

Dr. McEvoy is kind, thorough and high-tech.  He's always been exceptional at explaining how he'll treat a particular condition - complete with pictures.  :)  Our family is so happy with his services!

Arlene R. –  Palo Alto

As I was glancing through the newspaper this morning I noticed a headline, “Who is the best dentist in the Bay Area?" I thought it to be a contest and I felt compelled to write...but then realized it was an advertisement.  Then I thought...if you feel this strongly, write to Yelp!  Dr. McEvoy is extraordinarily gentle and sincerely concerned about his patients. When we moved to California five years ago, after having a top rated dentist in NJ, I thought, I would never be pleased with future dental care and I should not set my expectations unreasonably high. However to my great glee, Dr. McEvoy exceeded the highest regard anyone could have for a dentist. I read two negative reviews on Yelp and am horrified and find it incredulous.  I am now thrilled that I took the time to contact Yelp. The welcoming staff and superb hygienists are thorough and superb. Bravo to all!

Jacqueline B. – Sunnyvale

We have been going to Dr. McEvoy for many years, about 15. He is gentle and very professional. His hygienists are super, really great with my daughter, who is now 9. She saw them at 2 and has been coming back every 6 months. He did beautiful veneers for me and it was done gently and with much concern for comfort.

Vikki B. – San Jose

Dr. McEvoy has been taking care my teeth for more than a decade and he is absolute top notch. He is professional, kind and always on the cutting edge of dental care. He's excellent at what he does and has an amazing staff who support him. Susie and Rosie in the front are friendly and helpful and hygienist Debbie is wonderful.

Deepthi K. – Sunnyvale

This is my first Yelp review ever. I was so impressed by the service I have received that after getting home I was searching for my laptop to write a review. The office is great, the staff is super friendly and they took care of me soooo well. During the treatment I was given glasses from which I can see the movie of my choice and the hour just flew by. And the outcome was just perfect. Above all the doctor is just AWESOME. He is very caring and POLITE and of course highly knowledgeable and knows what he is doing.

Also did I say that during the treatment he took care of a minor filling at no cost. Isn't he super sweet!!!

I would highly recommend him to all of my friends and family :D

Cara M. – Mountain View

I recently had a filling with Dr. McEvoy using the new Solea laser, which replaces the standard drill and eliminates the need for Novocain and needles. It was much faster, pain free and great to leave the office with no numbness. He is a kind and caring dentist who is very professional about providing expert dental services. I've never experienced him "pushing" work to be done and in fact, he has often recommended I wait to do work which wasn't necessary at the time. Also, his staff are so friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend this office to everyone, especially those who have dental fears, as the new laser makes dentistry so easy and painless.

Los Gatos M. – Los Gatos

I can't usually be bothered to write a review, but considering my extreme dental phobia, I am actually impressed with Dr. McEvoy and his staff. I cracked a crown at a holiday party and was new to the area. The staff got me in the next day, and Dr McEvoy was very understanding about my apprehensions. I love the advanced technology in the office, especially the computerized anesthetic! I got numb without that huge needle thing, and without realizing he was even puncturing my inner lip. Overall the experience was not scary even for an extreme anti-dentite like me!

Rita G. – Penn Valley

Excellent dentist! Calm, committed professional....very sensitive to patient needs. Efficient well-run office, clear payment terms, excellent work.

Losa V. – San Jose

My first impression of the office was wonderful. Everyone was exceptionally friendly. I was most impressed with the painless anesthetic and the way it was administered. Dr. McEvoy used the wand system which has a pen-like tip  and computerized foot pedal that attached to control the pressure of the anesthetic. His wonderful assistant placed ice on my tooth to check to see if I was numb, and explained that if I could feel the cold then I would need more anesthetic. I couldn't feel anything. Which was great! During my procedure, I felt I was well cared for, and I appreciate that very much. Dr. McEvoy is an awesome dentist, and would recommend him to anyone, especially those who are afraid of getting numb.

Deb H. – Sunnyvale

Dr. McEvoy has been my husband's and my dentist since he came to Mt. View. I had a number of terrible experiences with other dentists before then. We have had nothing but extremely good care from Dr. McEvoy. He has always kept up with the latest advances in dental care, enabling me to get a permanent crown in incredibly short order - not requiring multiple visits. My previous experiences with other dentists caused me great pain on occasions, but Dr. McEvoy has taken great care and I have been grateful not to have any such experiences with him. He has always gone to great lengths to be sure I am put at ease and not in pain. He has kept me informed as to all my choices when such existed and asked me how I wanted to proceed. I am very confident in his work and would highly recommend him to anyone.

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